Bohemian crystal painted on a white undercoat. The bold relief impression of a drawing is produced by means of multiple coats of paint. One coat of paint is applied from inside the glass and another is painted by the master on the surface. Highest-quality certified raw materials are used and fired in a burning kiln under high temperatures. A special light-transmitting paint that disperses light efficiently is used for the white undercoat. Pen-and-ink drawings and colour reproductions are small works of art.


    Code: 03M02

    A pen-and-ink drawing on crystal with an opal-white painted background. A typical countryside scene drawn freehand.

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    Custom pen-and-ink drawing – example

    Code: 03M03

    A sample of a fine pen-and-ink drawing based on a basic material supplied by the customer. Maximum extent of the drawing on glass. A custom piece of work for a Czech brewery owner.

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    Custom reproduction – example

    Code: 03M04

    A colour reproduction. Redrawing of a picture on glass. A speciality of glass painting art. A representative sample of a reproduction by a Dutch master. A custom piece of work for a gallery in Amsterdam.

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    Code: 03M01

    A varied but simple design reproduced from motifs from the late 18th century.

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