Bohemia Crafts EN - Original oil lamp

Original oil lamp

37 cm 18 cm Hand-forged legs. Plated with genuine copper – it is not a coating. A galvanised style patina is achieved through blackening with a follow-up wiping off of the black paint from the raised surfaces and manual grinding off in cold conditions. Old copper base and-forged legs. Hand-varnished with two coats of Jaeger forge paints. Waxed with a special wax containing beeswax and carnauba wax. Blackened base In a hand-sewn textile bag you’ll find a small bottle containing high-quality indoor lamp oil, large vintage matches to light the burner and a spare wick. Wick The burner used has been manufactured in Bohemia for decades. It isn’t like the disposable Asian products. It is and will always be readily available from us. To achieve an appearance that suits the lamp, it is galvanised with copper and varnished. Burner Convert your lamp to electricity at any time. We have developed special LED lighting for you that can be easily installed into a lamp in place of an existing burner. Electric set